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B+W Close-Up (Diopters)

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B+W Close-Up (Diopters)

B+W close-up lenses are single element magnifying lenses which shorten the close-focusing distance of the camera lens. They allow the lens to go closer to the subject than before and to achieve a larger image scale. An increase in the exposure time is not necessary. The lenses can be combined by adding their refractive powers. Do not combine more than two at a time because there is a danger of mechanical vignetting.



  • B+W Close-Up +1 SC (NL1)

    With +1 diopter, it is ideal for telephoto and zoom lenses with a near focusing distance of approximately 1 m (3 1/4 feet), resulting in a focusing range without a gap. With the 35mm format, it is ideal for lenses with focal lengths between 85mm (up to approximately 1:5) and 200mm (up to approximately 1:3). On a 50mm lens, start with the NL 2 close-up lens!

  • B+W Close-Up +2 SC (NL2)

    The +2 diopters of this close-up lens focus at a distance of 0.5m (1 5/8 feet) with the lens focused at infinity. For the normal lens it is a stepless extension of its close-up range up to approximately 1:4.5. On short to medium telephoto lenses it extends the NL 1 close-up range seamlessly (with an 85mm lens to appr. 1:3.5 and with a 135mm lens to appr. 1:2.5).

  • B+W Close-Up +3 SC (NL3)

    With its +3 diopters, the near-focusing distance of this close-up lens begins at 33cm (13 inches) from the front rim, regardless of the focal length of the main lens. When close-ups have to be taken because of the wide-angle effect of a 35mm lens, the NL 3 close-up lens is ideal for a seamless extension of the normal close-up range up to approximately 1:5.5.

  • B+W Close-Up +4 SC (NL4)

    The +4 diopters of this close-up lens are the right power for closer focusing with a 50mm lens (up to approximately 1:3) when you have reached the limit with the NL 2 lens. With 85mm (up to appr. 1:2.1) and 100mm (up to appr. 1:1.9) telephoto lenses, it is the highest power, and it should be used with the main lens stopped down to at least f/8.

  • B+W Close-Up +5 SC (NL5)

    With +5 diopters, the NL 5 serves for the seamless extension of the range provided by the NL 3 close-up lens on a 35mm main lens (up to appr. 1:3.5). If you can tolerate a small gap after the NL 2 close-up lens on a 50mm main lens (appr. 1:4.4 to 1:4), then you enter a little further into the macro range with the NL 5 instead of the NL 4 (up to appr. 1:2.6).

  • B+W Macro Lens +10 SC (NL10)

    The +10 diopter power makes it possible to explore true macro ranges without the need for an expensive special lens, in order to reproduce tiny subjects at enormous proportions (appr. 1:2 to 1:1.5). Apertures of f/8 or f/11 are recommended for good corner-to-corner sharpness. Because of its great power, it is also suitable for use with digital cameras.


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