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ILFORD - Best in Black & White

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ILFORD - Best in Black & White

The analogue black/white film is celebrating a surprise comeback. Even in the digital age, a crowd of loyal fans has formed around analogue film. We offer films for analog cameras, photo systems and instant cameras. Even larger orders are quickly served and delivered. Official distribution partner of Ilford-Harman. From a gross order value of 95.00 francs we ship freight paid in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, registered mail PostPac Economy.




    ILFORD FP4 Plus is a medium sensitivity film with a high acutance emulsion that combines an extremely fine grain with a wide exposure latitude for very high quality images in all lighting conditions. It is the ideal film for all outdoor and indoor shots. - Medium Speed ISO 125 - Fine Grain, high sharpness - Robust exposure tolerance - 35mm, 120 Roll & Sheet Film


    ILFORD HP5 Plus is a very sensitive film, whose fine grain, edge contrast and high sharpness ensure excellent quality, bright and shaded images. It offers a very high flexibility in advanced processing. These features make HP5 Plus a perfect film for shooting in low light or moving subjects. - High Speed ISO 400 - Great results in varied lighting conditions - Wide exposure latitude - Available as 35mm, 120 Roll & Sheet Film


    ILFORD PAN F Plus is an ultra-fine grain, low-sensitivity film that provides excellent image quality when you need to focus on sharp detail rendering. Very high magnification ratios can be achieved if the films are exposed and processed accurately. - Rated at ISO 50 - Exceptionally fine grain - Outstanding resolution & sharpness - Available as 35mm & 120 Roll Film


    ILFORD 100 DELTA Professional is a film of medium sensitivity, whose advanced emulsion technology has an exceptional sensitivity, definition, grain fineness ratio. Negatives offer great ease of printing and produce brilliant images, with perfectly nuanced values and high precision in detail. - Medium Speed ISO 100 - Superb image quality, precise rendition - Core-shell crystal technology - Available in 35mm, 120 Roll & Sheet Film


    ILFORD DELTA 400 Professional is a high sensitivity film, whose advanced emulsion technology offers exceptional sharpness and grain fineness for such sensitivity. It ensures excellent results in advanced treatment. These characteristics make it an ideal film for many applications, especially when it comes to capturing an action or working in low light. - High speed ISO 400 - Exceptional sharpness and detail - Core-shell crystal technology - Available in 35mm and 120 Roll Film


    DELTA 3200 PROFESSIONAL is an ultra-speed black and white film, ideal for fast action and low light photography such as night time, sport, or indoor architectural applications where flash photography is 'forbidden'. This is a genuine high speed film with an ability to record highlight detail that sets it apart from other films. ILFORD DELTA 3200 PROFESSIONAL has many strengths, most notably its liberating high speed, unobtrusive grain structure and its unsurpassed tonality. - Ultra High Speed El 3200 - Perfect for low-light and action shots - Core-shell crystal technology - Available in 35mm & 120 Roll Film


    ILFORD XP2 SUPER is a monochrome chromogenic film, the image of which consists of dyes formed during development. In addition to the simplicity of processing, this technology ensures a fineness of grain and sharpness that can only be achieved with a much lower sensitivity on traditional films. It also induces a great latitude of exposure which makes it possible to reproduce very accurately the subjects with a great distance of lumination; a maximum of details is preserved, in the shadows as in the lights without resorting to artifice of printing. Unlike conventional films, overexposure promotes more discreet granulation, which can be influenced by the choice of exposure index. - High speed ISO 400 - B&W Film using colour C41 Process - High contrast, well defined highlights - Available in 35mm & 120 Roll Film


    ILFORD SFX 200 EXTENDED RED SENSITIVITY FILM . SFX 200 is a medium speed black and white camera film for creative photography. It has extended red sensitivity and is especially suited for use with a filter to create special effects. By using a deep red filter skies can be rendered almost black and most green vegetation almost white. Its unusual tonal rendition ensures interesting results for a range of subjects, including portraits, landscapes, townscapes and architecture. - Medium speed ISO 200 - Extended red sensitivity - Improved results with SFX Filters - 35mm and 120 Roll Film


    ORTHO COPY PLUS Film is a medium speed fine grain film for studio photography, continuous tone copying, medical and forensic applications. It is available in popular sheet film sizes. ORTHO COPY PLUS can be developed to a normal contrast in ILFORD ID-11 or MICROPHEN and to a high contrast in ILFORD PQ UNIVERSAL and PHENISOL. ORTHO COPY PLUS Film can be developed in dishes under red safelighting. - Fine grain, orthochromatic sheet film - ISO80/20° Daylight ISO40/17° Tungsten - Copy, medical, forensic and studio use - Available in popular sheet film sizes


    Harman Direct Positive is a medium-strength paper coated on a fiber base. Unlike traditional photo papers, which work by way of a negative, this paper gives a positive image when processed and saves the hassle of negative exposure and development. This feature makes the paper an excellent choice if you are working with a pinhole camera. Nevertheless, Harman Direct Positive FB paper can also serve as a replacement for sheet film in large format cameras. If you like to get creative and see some unusual effects you will love Harman Direct Positive paper. The paper is coated onto a bright white fiber base and creates prints with rich blacks, bright whites and sharp tonal reproduction. The image tone remains neutral in all viewing conditions. Processing is carried out using normal black and white paper processing chemicals with identical development times, but there is no need for an internegative.

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