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Photo Chemicals

Es gibt 27 Produkte.
Photo Chemicals

Develop your images on real photo paper, like before. Chemically developed images are qualitatively superior to the usual digital and thermal prints.



  • Color-Chemie

    Colortec kits for C-41 (film development), RA-4 (paper development) and E-6 (slide development) are designed for rotary, drum and dish processing as well as for table top RT processors.

  • Black and White

    B/W negativ and positiv developer for the processing of b/w films and b/w papers in small tanks and machines. Furthermore our production line comprises a selection of fixers, developers, special developers, stop baths as well as auxiliaries.

  • laboratory accessories

    Development cans, film clips, paper wipers, changeable bags, development tanks, copy frames, measuring cups, laboratory pliers made of stable bamboo, darkroom lamps, lamps for enlargers and darkroom lamps, film spiral for clean development work in the photo laboratory.

  • Fotoemulsion

    Photographic emulsion is a light-sensitive colloid used in film-based photography. Most commonly, in silver-gelatin photography, it consists of silver halide crystals dispersed in gelatin. The emulsion is usually coated onto a substrate of glass, films (of cellulose nitrate, cellulose acetate or polyester), paper, or fabric.

  • Archivial

    The advantage of acetate sleeves is that you can produce contact prints without having to remove the negatives from the sleeves.

  • Darkroom safelights and replacement lamps for enlargers

    Darkroom safelights and replacement lamps for enlargers

  • Chemicals

    We carry an extensive range of utility and laboratory chemicals.

  • Changing bag

    This spacious changing bag is perfect if you need to work with light-sensitive material and there is no darkroom available. It allows you to work with light-sensitive material even in ambient light. It can be used to: • remove partially exposed film from the camera (if the film tears or jams and can no longer be rewound into the film cartridge). • load sheet film into the cassette of a professional camera. • load a developing tank before processing it in the laboratory. The changing bag has a double zip security closure, one on the outer bag and one on the inner bag. The lining is extra dust-repellent.

  • Color management and calibration

    Perfect colors from capture to final result - with our professional calibration products.

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