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Rollei Stative

Es gibt 10 Produkte.
Rollei Stative


  • Rollei Tripod heads + accessories

    Precisely the right accessory. - Rollei Panorama Ball Head T7 is a high-end panorama ball head and unique when it comes to holding power, suppleness and looks.

  • Rollei Universal Tripods

    Capture what moves you. - The high-quality, compact Rollei Fotopro C5i for universal use.

  • Rollei Monopods

    Your quiet right hand. No fuzziness, no shake: The Rollei DIGI MP1 Monopod incl. tripod head provides for perfectly sharp photos.

  • Rollei Mini Tripods

    Spectacularly calm. - Small, compact mini-tripod – ideal for travel and outdoor activities.