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Kodak - Photography with Kodak

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Kodak - Photography with Kodak

You will find a wide range of analogue photography films from Kodak. We offer photographic work in cooperation with specialist laboratories. We regard this service as an addition to our product range in order to offer you everything from a single source. We offer you a free delivery to Switzerland and Liechtenstein from CHF 79.00.



  • Kodak Consumer Film

    Great moments deserve great pictures Kodak has the right film for every occasion — indoor or outdoor events, close-up or panoramic views, still or action shots. KODAK Film is designed to deliver sharp pictures, vivid colors, and natural skin tones so every picture you take becomes a memory.

  • Kodak Professional Farbnegativfilme

    The PORTA films from Kodak always deliver reliably beautiful skin tones and fine grain.

  • Kodak Professional Schwarzweissfilme

    With black & white, you don't cheat. The results are sometimes successful, sometimes cruel. They always reveal the truth of a situation, an emotion, the fleeting constancy of nature. KODAK PROFESSIONAL black & white films offer superior performance in all cases. To date, there is simply no better range of black & white films on the market. From the timeless TRI-X to the incomparably sharp T-MAX 400, our range of black & white films allows you to expose the truth with breathtaking detail. We offer free delivery in Switzerland and Liechtenstein from CHF 79.00.

  • Kodak Color Transparency Film

    Introduced in late 2018, Kodak Ektachrome 100 in 35mm is based on the Kodak Ektachrome E100G E6 slide film that was produced until 2012. The KODAK PROFESSIONAL EKTACHROME E100 is a color transparency film for KODAK to process chemicals, process E-6. He has KODAKT-Crystal technology extremely fine grain and very sharp. Also, this film shows the push behavior, in reciprocity behavior and developing improvements. The film is intended for the exposure mitTageslicht or electronic Flash. It can be both with incandescent lamps (3200 K) or taking photo lamps (3400 K), provided that suitable filters used by. This film is suitable for the production of colour positives for projection or watching aufLeuchtkästen with 5000 K. duplicate slides can be produced imKontaktverfahren. Color images beused either directly on colour reversal paper or überInternegative on color negative paper work. ZumErstellen of digital prints as well as the slides also scan for applications in repro technology and photo editing and CD - play. 120 format film is planned for late autumm

  • Cinefilme Super8 to 35mm

    Do you need Super 8mm for your next movie? We have everything under control. Super 8mm continues to give filmmakers a look and feel unmatched by any other medium. Take a look at our range of Super 8mm products and resources. Or search 16mm, is also in stock.

  • Kodak Photo Chemicals

    B/W negativ and positiv developer for the processing of b/w films and b/w papers in small tanks and machines. Furthermore our production line comprises a selection of fixers, developers, special developers, stop baths as well as auxiliaries.