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Cyan and Magenta 600 Monochrome Films

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Cyan and Magenta 600 Monochrome Films

Earlier 2014, we offered Impossible photographers fresh inspiration in the form of two unusual limited edition films – Cyanograph SX-70 and 600 and Magentatype 600. Images on these films were rendered in a single color – cyan or magenta – to imbue images with the unexpected and evocative. Now the films are being released as the first of a series of fully packaged, ’standard’ Impossible films featuring color monochrome and, soon, duochrome emulsions. Re-named Cyan 600 Monochrome and Magenta 600 Monochrome films, they can be used in any Polaroid 600-type camera as well as with the Impossible Instant Lab. They are also compatible with Polaroid SX-70-type cameras, providing a Neutral Density filter is used. For Polaroid SLR 680, SLR 680 SE, SLR 690,600 AF, 600 Extreme, 600 LMS, 630 Lightmixer, 636 Autofocus, 636 Close-up, 636 Double Exposure, 640, 650, 660 Autofocus, Amigo 610, Amigo 620, Barbie Camera, Business Edition 600, Business Edition 600 2, Cool Cam, Impulse, Impulse AF, Impulse QPS, Job Pro, Job Pro 2, One600, One600 Job Pro, Lightmixer 660 AF, One600 Pro, One600 Ultra, OneStep 600, OneStep 600 Express, OneStep 600, OneStep 600 Express, OneStep 600 Flash, OneStep 600 Flash Closeup, OneStep AF, OneStep Talking Camera, Polaroid P, Pronto 600, Quick 610, Spice Cam, Spirit, Spirit 600, Spirit 600 CL, Sun 600, Sun 650, Sun 660, Supercolor 635, Supercolor 635 CL, Supercolor 645 CL, Supercolor 670 AF, Taz Camera, The Construction Camera