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Erwin Käsemann was an inventor and invented the first sunglasses in 1937 with two polarizing foils between two cover lenses! For photography today, the polarization filter uses the cementing method invented by Käsemann. The advantage is that no dust or moisture can penetrate the filter! Since you have to turn a polarizing filter, this seal is quite complex and cost-intensive. Especially recommendable is such a filter in dusty and tropical-moist photo inserts. If you buy a polarizing filter without Käsemann, you will discover the first dust inside sometime, depending upon processing quality. Cleaning is not possible. The image quality is also reduced! This is not the case with the Käsemann design! The XS-Pro Digital High Transmission Circular is a newly developed filter holder that is particularly suitable for digital SLR cameras with wide-angle zoom lenses. It has a front thread for lens cap, lens hood or other filters. The holder is made of brass and is matt black to avoid reflections. A polarizing filter can be rotated to adjust the polarization effect because the position of the polarized light waves is variable. The B+W Circular Polarizing Filter with Käsemann MRC nano coating also has a particularly high transmission, i.e. it causes hardly any loss of light beyond the desired filtering of a polarization direction, so you have a brighter viewfinder image and shorter exposure times are possible. Filter factor from 2 to 3, i.e. 1 to 1.5 f-stops The coating MRC nano - all XS-Pro Digital Filters are equipped with it. The outer layer of MRC nano has been reinforced. The property based on nanotechnology (lotus effect) achieves a better beading effect of water. This makes cleaning the filter surface even easier and faster.


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