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Analoge Filme

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Analoge Filme

The analogue film celebrates a surprise comeback. ------ The evolution of instant analogue film, driven by continuous research and production, has clearly shown that there is a future for analogue. We look forward to the coming months with exciting innovations and products. ------- Even in the digital age, a crowd of loyal fans has formed around analogue film... We offer films for analogue cameras, photo systems and instant cameras. Even larger orders are quickly served and delivered. Official distributor of Fujifilm and Impossible. - We offer colour and black/white photographic work in cooperation with specialist laboratories to develop your colour and black-and-white negative films traditionally with specialist chemistry in the highest quality and with black-and-white still the traditional manual development. - Let your pictures develop on real photo paper, just like in the past. Chemically developed pictures are more durable and also qualitatively superior to the usual digital and thermal prints and that at lower prices. We regard this service as an addition to our product range in order to offer you everything from a single source. From a gross order value of 95.00 francs, we ship freight paid in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, registered mail PostPac Economy.



  • 35mm Roll Film

    The 35mm films have the type designation 135, then there is a hyphen indicating the number of images. Film 135-36 has 36 exposures and film 135-24 has 24 exposures. An ISO value must be set for the entire length of the film. ISO stands for film sensitivity. ISO 100 is a good weather film for the beginning, ISO 200 is an all-weather film and ISO 400 also creates good pictures in bad light situations.

  • Farbnegativfilme
  • Photographic Papers

    Premium quality resin coated and fibre base papers to suit all requirements

  • Advanced Photo System (APS)

    Advanced Photo System (APS) is a now discontinued film format for still photography first produced in 1996. It was marketed by Eastman Kodak under the brand name Advantix, by FujiFilm under the name Nexia, by AgfaPhoto under the name Futura and by Konica as Centuria. We have enough stock.

  • 110 Pocketfilm

    110 Pocketfilm Get fresh and sharp shots with 110 Films that work perfectly with any 110 Camera. They work during spy field work or if you’re just looking to woo the girls with a big ‘aww, cute!’ reaction.

  • Disposable cameras

    FujiFilm Disposable Camera is a single-use camera containing one 27-exposure roll of ISO 400 speed 35mm film. Its compact design incorporates an auto-recharging flash, which has a range of 13.1' to help illuminate dimly lit scenes. It is ideal for use in everyday conditions, both outdoors and indoors, and features a simple design for intuitive use.

  • 8x11 Minox Format

    The following films are now available for MINOX 8x11 cameras: Spy Film Delta 100 – 36 B/W* Spy Film Delta 400 – 36 B/W* Spy Film Ektar 100 – 36 Color* Spy Film Portra 400 – 36 Color*

  • Thermosublimationsmaterial
  • Instantfilms

    The whole new 'family' of Impossible films is now available – each presented with new nomenclature and completely re-designed new packaging. They are also significantly improved with the newest formula, developing faster and bringing great results. Impossible films are no longer designated PX680 or PX70 (for 600 and SX-70 films, respectively), PZ (for Image/Spectra) films, or COOL (for black and white). Now they are simply defined by the types of camera (Polaroid 600, SX-70, Image/Spectra or Impossible Cameras) they can be used in and whether they are color or black and white. In addition to the standard color films, Impossible has also re-introduced some favorite Special Editions, including color film with gold and silver frames. A color frame edition is planned to be introduced in Europe and Asia next month. Soon, the battery-free instant films for Impossible Cameras will be released. They are the latest innovation and are designed for use in the Instant Lab and in the future range of Impossible hardware.

  • Filmentwicklung
  • Zink Photo paper

    In summer 2008 Polaroid released the PoGo, an instant photo printer producing 2 by 3 inches (51 mm × 76 mm) prints. It uses the Zink ("zero ink") technology which is similar to dye sublimation but has the dye crystals embedded in the photo paper itself

  • Cinefilme Super8 to 35mm

    Super 8 Film Need Super 8mm for your next film? We've got you covered. Super 8 mm continues to provide filmmakers with a "look and feel" unattainable by any other medium. Take a look at our range of Super 8mm products and resources

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