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We develop all current films. We develop your films in perfect quality. General conditions for photo commissions: 1) We only accept photographic work subject to the following conditions. 2) We treat your films/negatives/photos etc. with the greatest possible care. In the unlikely event of any damage to the materials supplied, we will replace the material with equivalent new, unexposed material. Further claims are excluded, except in cases of intent or gross negligence. 3) Handicrafts are carried out by us to the best of our knowledge and belief. If no exact specifications have been made, we produce prints which correspond in brightness and contrast to what we or the Heiland Computer consider to be optimal. A return of the photos is only possible in case of obvious processing errors (e.g. stains, creases, deviations from the exact specifications, etc.). In these cases we will make new work. 4) Negatives and pictures not collected become our property after 24 months. Attention: Do not mix the development order with films that you first want to expose and then develop! In this case you would have to execute two orders. One for the film and one for the (later) development and (of course) also pay postage twice.