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Instant films for Polaroid cameras. Polaroid produces instant films for classic Polaroid cameras again with new recipe. These films are available in different formats and sensitivities for the most common camera models such as SX 70, 600 and Image/Spectra. - From a gross order value of 79.00 francs we ship freight paid in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, registered PostPac Economy.



  • Impossible Instantfilms for Polaroid Kameras

    MEET THE ONLY FAMILY THAT CONSTANTLY IMPROVES……... Easier to handle, better colors, sharper, and faster – the new family of Polaroid film for Polaroid cameras and new Polaroid hardware is a step forward in the development of instant film. Thanks to an advanced formula, and constant adjustments during production, using Polaroid film is now more fun than ever. A new package design and naming system helps you pick the right film for your Polaroid 600-type, SX-70-type, or Image/Spectra-type camera. And did we mention speed? The new Polaroid film develops faster: up to 20% in some cases. And this is just the beginning, as we're continuously optimizing production. The Polaroid family of film is growing and improving steadily. Wouldn't it be nice if all families did?

  • Film For Polaroid 600-Type Cameras

    Film For Polaroid 600-Type Cameras

  • Film For Polaroid SX-70 Cameras

    Film for Polaroid SX-70 Kameras

  • Film For Polaroid Image/Spectra Cameras

    Film For Polaroid Image/Spectra Cameras While stocks last. The production of these films is discontinued by the manufacturer.

  • Film for 4x5 Cameras und Backs

    New55 PN is a black and white 4x5 instant positive-negative sheet film that produces an instant negative and a positive print; it works with the famous 545 series of holders (545, 545i and 545 Pro). Each box contains 5 packs; each pack produces one 4x5 positive and one 4x5 negative that you further fix and wash (see Directions for Use). This is Generation 2 instant film. An improved receiver sheet coating process results in better DMax and DMin and smooth grayscale in the print, and the same superb negative for scanning and enlarging.

  • Film for 8x10 Kameras & Backs

    This 8 x 10 film is an integral instant film that uses our new Black&White material as a base and boasts a film speed of 600 ASA. One pack contains 10 negatives and 10 positives to be shot in an 8 x 10 camera using the original Polaroid™ 8 x 10 holder and processor.

  • Impossible accessories

    Original new Polaroid accessories from all over the world, collectors items, rare dead stock and second hand Polaroid accessories.

  • Fuji INSTAX Mini Color Film, format 6,2x4,6 cm

    FujiFilm " instax mini ” film is for all Polaroid 300 and FujiFilm instax mini cameras and comes in a handy cartridge. It offers stunning instant pictures that you can fit into a purse, wallet or mini photo frame. instax film ensures sharp, clear reproduction, vivid color and natural skin tones. Highly stable, the new emulsion performs at temperatures as low as 5°C and as high as 40°C.

  • Leica SOFORT film instax mini format

    Leica SOFORT color film instax mini format In order to deliver beautiful, tangible images, Leica has created the Sofort Instant Film Camera, as well as Color Instant Film to go with it. Available here as a pack of 10 exposures, this color film will help you create credit-card sized photographs almost instantaneously. The photos have a glossy surface with a 2.4 x 1.8" image area that gives the images a high sharpness and it is rated at ISO 800 for use in a wide range of scenes.

  • Film for Polaroid 300 Instant Camera, Analog

    Film for Polaroid 300 Instant Camera, Analog

  • Polaroid PoGo ZINK Photo Paper

    This paper is smudge-proof, water-resistant, and tear-resistant. Prints using this paper dry quickly. The paper is designed with ZINK Zero Ink Printing Technology. Please note that this paper is designed only for use with Polaroid PoGo products.( Pogo Printer and Z2300 Polaroid Camera)

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