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laboratory accessories

Es gibt 36 Produkte.
laboratory accessories

Development cans, film clips, paper wipers, changeable bags, development tanks, copy frames, measuring cups, laboratory pliers made of stable bamboo, darkroom lamps, lamps for enlargers and darkroom lamps, film spiral for clean development work in the photo laboratory.



  • Lab trays

    Kaiser laboratory trays made of shatterproof plastic for pictures up to 9.5x12" (24x30cm). The developing tray has a well-shaped spout which also serves as a holder for the thermometer. The tray is suitable for developer, stop, fixer and hypo-clear baths and general use. The indentations on the bottom increase stability, facilitate removal of paper and ensure an optimum flow of chemicals. The material is resistant to chemicals, even 60% acetic acid and is heat resistant up to 80°C. The trays are very easy to clean and they can be stacked on top of one another to save space.

  • JOBO Film developing Developing tanks & reels

    The JOBO LAB Kit M allows you to develop 35mm film and rollfilm (120) inside the JOBO Tank 1520. Two reels 1501 can be fitted inside the 1520 Tank. This means that two 35 mm films can be developed at the same time. When adjusted to 6cm width, the 1501 reel can hold two 120 films. The red clip prevents the films from overlapping. The cascade film washer allows for economical and efficient watering. Your black&white film reaches archival standard within just 5 minutes of watering.

  • Paterson Film developing Developing tanks & reels

    Paterson stands worldwide in analog photography for high quality darkroom equipment. Paterson has built a worldwide reputation as a producer and supplier of darkroom accessories for over 60 years. The focus of the product range is on products for paper and film processing. The range includes a large number of film processing tanks, a wide assortment of film and paper soaking accessories as well as 35mm and 120 roll film enlargers and corresponding accessories. One of the best-known proprietary products is the Super System 4 Tank. This universal film developing can is suitable for virtually all film formats and allows several films to be developed in parallel.

  • Measuring cylinder

    Measuring cylinder

  • Chemical bottle ideal for developer liquid

    Chemical bottle is made of polyethylene, is unbreakable and it is absolutely acid resistant and therefore suitable for storing all photo chemicals.

  • Temperature Control System

    The °Cs "Temperature Control System" TCS-1000 immersion circulator/thermostat is is the simplest solution for precision film processing at home. Whether you are developing black and white, color negative, or slide film, this system allows you to efficiently and easily mix concentrates and powder chemicals, heat it up to the precise processing temperature, and maintain it during the entire developing session.


    The Lab-Box is the spiritual successor of the Agfa Rodinax and is a modern take on the daylight developing tank with a many improvements to make film developing even easier. Lab-Box is a multi-format film developing tank that allows you to develop film from start to end, in full day light, bypassing the need to load the rolls in the dark and hereby make film developing much easier and quicker. Develop your films anywhere, anytime. Thanks to the two interchangeable modules and its multi-format reel, the tank can be used for both 35mm and 120 film.


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