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  • Film für Polaroid 600 Kameras-Type

    Film for Polaroid 600 Kameras-Type. - Für folgende Polaroid Kameras: SLR 680, SLR 680 SE, SLR 690,600 AF, 600 Extreme, 600 LMS, 630 Lightmixer, 636 Autofocus, 636 Close-up, 636 Double Exposure, 640, 650, 660 Autofocus, Amigo 610, Amigo 620, Barbie Camera, Business Edition 600, Business Edition 600 2, Cool Cam, Impulse, Impulse AF, Impulse QPS, Job Pro, Job Pro 2, One600, One600 Job Pro, Lightmixer 660 AF, One600 Pro, One600 Ultra, OneStep 600, OneStep 600 Express, OneStep 600, OneStep 600 Express, OneStep 600 Flash, OneStep 600 Flash Closeup, OneStep AF, OneStep Talking Camera, Polaroid P, Pronto 600, Quick 610, Spice Cam, Spirit, Spirit 600, Spirit 600 CL, Sun 600, Sun 650, Sun 660, Supercolor 635, Supercolor 635 CL, Supercolor 645 CL, Supercolor 670 AF, Taz Camera, The Construction Camera

  • Film für Polaroid SX-70 Kameras

    Film for Polaroid SX-70 Kameras. - funktioniert in allen Polaroid SX 70 Kameras: SX-70, SX-70 Model 2, SX-70 Model 3, SX-70 Alpha 1, SX-70 Sonar OneStep, SX-70 Alpha 1 Executive, Supercolor AutoFocus, SX-70 Alpha 1 Model 2, TimeZero SX-70 AutoFocus, SX-70 Executive, TimeZero SX-70 AutoFocus Model 2, Polaroid BOX Type: Encore!, Instant 1000, Instant 1000 DeLuxe, Model 500, Model 1000, Model 1000 S, Model 1500, Model 2000, Model 3000, OneStep, OneStep Plus, Pronto! RF, Pronto! S, Pronto! SM, Pronto! Sonar OneStep, Pronto! B, Pronto! Extra, Pronto! Plus, Presto!, Sonar AutoFocus 5000, Super Clincher, Supercolor 1000, Supercolor 1000 DeLuxe, Supercolor AutoFocus, Supercolor AutoFocus 3500, The Button, TimeZero OneStep, TimeZero Pronto AF

  • Film für Polaroid Image / Spectra Kameras

    Film for Polaroid Image / Spectra Kameras. - Zur Verwendung in: Polaroid Image, 1200 & Spectra Kameras, Image, Image 2, Image Elite, Image Elite Pro, Image Pro, Image 1200, Image System E, Macro 5 SLR, Spectra, Spectra 2, Spectra 1200i, Spectra 1200si, Spectra 1200FF, Spectra Blitz, Spectra Onyx, Spectra Pro, ProCam

  • FujiFilm Instax mini film - Format 62x46mm

    FujiFilm " instax mini ” film is for all Polaroid 300 and FujiFilm instax mini cameras and comes in a handy cartridge. It offers stunning instant pictures that you can fit into a purse, wallet or mini photo frame. instax film ensures sharp, clear reproduction, vivid color and natural skin tones. Highly stable, the new emulsion performs at temperatures as low as 5°C and as high as 40°C.

  • Wide Format Film for Instax 210 and 300

    The instax 210's easy-to load cartridge delivers ten superb wide format instant photos. This is an incredibly sharp, daylight-balanced ISO 800 film made for use in Instax series cameras. Recognized for its excellent color reproduction, the film has a glossy finish and is an excellent choice for general use, portraiture or even with electronic flash. It's also a fun film to use - easy to load, shoot and best of all - no wasted time at the lab wondering how your images came out..

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