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Zink Photo paper

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Zink Photo paper

In summer 2008 Polaroid released the PoGo, an instant photo printer producing 2 by 3 inches (51 mm × 76 mm) prints. It uses the Zink ("zero ink") technology which is similar to dye sublimation but has the dye crystals embedded in the photo paper itself



  • ZINK Fotopaper 2x3" / 5 cm x 7,5 cm Zink paper

    For use with ZINK-compatible cameras and printers, this 2 x 3" Premium ZINK Photo Paper from Polaroid will give new life to your printer and allow you to create vivid prints using Zero Ink printing technology. These are used for borderless photos and feature peel-off adhesive backing for immediately sticking them on a wall or board for display. Also, they are smudge, tear, and water resistant and dry instantly for handling right away. For Polaroid cameras, Z2300, M230, SocialMatic and SNAP. For Polaroid Printers ZIP and PoGo.