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ADOX - Photograhy with ADOX

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ADOX - Photograhy with ADOX

ADOX has been producing materials for chemical photography since 1860, making it the oldest photographic brand in the world. ADOX films, photographic papers and chemicals are manufactured in Germany in our factory near Berlin. ADOX BUYS ILFORD´S MEDIUM CASTING MACHINE In order to be able to produce a larger selection of analogue photo products in the future, ADOX Ilford´s has taken over a medium-sized machine with a casting width of 52 cm in Marly (Switzerland). On the one hand this closes an important gap in the internal production chain and on the other hand the small machine enables us to bring all the products to market, which have so far failed due to the minimum casting lot sizes of the external service providers. We are here to meet the analogous needs of the future. For many more years to come. ADOX - Let´s make film!



  • ADOX Color Paper RA-4

    Cut from Fujicolor Crystal Archive rolls and packed as sheets. Fujicolor Crystal Archive Type II paper from Fuji delivers amazing colours - subtle greens, eye-catching blues and bright reds. Their highlights show more detail and are also very white. Crystal Archive is an excellent paper for long-term image storage and stability. It is lightfast. In addition, this paper is extremely easy to handle and tolerates occasional deviations in image processing better than other papers. If you store your work at a relative humidity of 30-50% and a temperature below 50° F, you can expect a durability of more than 20 years.

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