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Kentmere -Black and White photo films and paper

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Kentmere -Black and White photo films and paper

The British company, which originated in the river basin of the same name in Great Britain, was taken over by Harman Technology in 2007. Production was integrated into the Ilford plant in Mobbeley, Cheshire, UK. The company has been fully integrated and benefits from Harman's expertise and high quality standards. Kentmere is known for good quality at a reasonable price. The clear product range is divided into black and white films and photo papers. Kentmere 100 and 400 black and white films are ideal for a variety of applications. The film is characterised by fine to very fine grain, very good sharpness and a wide exposure latitude. The results convince by a rich tonal value and contrast range. The films are available as 35mm or 35mm with 24 or 36 shots and as yard goods.


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