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Osram Projection

Es gibt 16 Produkte.
Osram Projection

Lighting for video applications and professional photography – durable and reliable When long photo sessions are being held in a studio the lighting needs to be reliable and durable and create the right mood. For video applications and professional photography OSRAM offers lighting solutions that are characterized by robust and stable lamp design, outstanding color rendering, high light output, optimum quality and complete safety.



  • Projector Cold mirror halogen lamp

    Projector Cold mirror halogen lamp

  • Projector Lamps Conventional

    This lamp type is suitable for the devices listed below (assuming correct operating voltage). Agfa: Movector F8-T, F8, G, B, BS, 888, Sonector 8 (5713) Bell & Howell: Autoload 331, 324, 488 Z Bolex: Projektor 18-5, 18-5 Automatic, 18-5 super, 8-15L (nur alte Ausf.) Bosch Bauer: Bauer T2, T3 super, T1 super und T4. T 17sound (nur alte Ausf.) Carl Braun: Paximat Cine 8 MK Cinemax: 8GF RS Eumig: Mark S 602D (nur alte Ausf.), P8d, Mark S704, S712/ S712D (nur alte Ausf.), Mark 501/502D (nur alte Ausf.), Sound 75. Eumig P8 Dual (alte Ausführung) Fuji: Fujicasope M10, M-2, M-3, M20, M25, M33 Hanimex: Loadmatic 880, Instdual 800 ZR, Loadmatic 808 D, Instdual 800 DLS Loadmatic: SR 8600 Knöss: Supra FP 151 sound Leitz: Cinovid Liesegang: Liesegang S 1 Meopta: Meolux 2, AM 8, AM 8 Supra, Meolux 1 Neckermann Exclusiv 5000 Ton (alte Ausf.) Neckermann Professional 290D HL (alte Ausf.) Nizo: Cinemator 8, Visacustic (N8mm, nur alte Ausf.) Noris: Noris 8 Super 50, Super 8M, Universal Pentacon: Pentax P81 Porst: Superlux S, Superlux SR8 Raynox DU 707 A Revue: Revue SP, Revue 110 RevueLux 1001, Revue Lux 1001 Schongerfilm: S8 München 72 Silma: Silma 130M, 128-S Zeiss-Ikon-Voigtländer: Movilux 8A, 8B, Movilux 8R, Movilux 8 (nur alte Ausf.)

  • Exciter Lamps

    Exciter Lamps

  • Editor Lamps

    Editor Lamps

  • Halogen Light Bulb

    Halogen Light Bulb - Special lamp for image acquisition and projection the product is designed for room lighting not suitable for household use