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Limited 95 Years Edition | Fomatone MG Art Classic 536

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Limited 95 Years Edition | Fomatone MG Art Classic 536

Get the limited FOMATONE MG ART Classic 536 photographic paper in the anniversary edition. FOMA celebrates its 95th birthday and we are celebrating with them. On this occasion, FOMA has considered something very special and launched a limited anniversary edition of the FOMATONE MG ART Classic 536. FOMATONE MG Art Classic is a variable-contrast photographic paper working in a warm tone, for creating in retro style and motifs suitable for structure of its natural surface. Its contrast can be varied in a large grade scale from extra soft up to ultra hard by using colour filters at exposure. The paper is manufactured using a special silver chlorobromide emulsion that gives the silver image a brown-green to warm-brown tone that can be further influenced by the type of developer used. FOMATONE MG Art Classic has lover optical sensitivity, which allows using method of enlarging photos or contact copying. Material of this limited edition is being produced exclusively in this version: – FOMATONE MG ART Classic 536 – on the natural carton base in a creamy tone, a matt surface with visible specific structure in a directon from top to bottom



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